In 1965, ARCO was founded in Edmonton, Alberta. In 1976 we purchased our first SCHWING thus making ARCO Edmonton's first concrete pumping company. We have pumped all over Alberta including Fort McMurray and in all rural areas around the Edmonton area. ARCO has even ventured into BC to help complete many arenas.

Why Pump Concrete?

     Pumping has really allowed construction to be finished quickly. The pump basically replaces the wheelbarrow in pumping. It brings the concrete to the place it has to go. The speed at which concrete is pumped is a lot faster also. A wheelbarrow load of concrete is pumped in seconds with a pump. So really why wouldn't you get a pump. They're quick, effective, and very efficient.

Where Can We Pump?

     We can put concrete anywhere. If you are simply doing a house wall we just have to put on a small hose and run our booms along your wall. But say you have to do a basement floor which is covered. We simply attach some of our high pressure 3inch hoses and place them through a window in your basement. Have a large shop floor to pour?? This is not a problem as ARCO has our own line pipe with elbows and clamps as well. Have any other projects or concerns? Just contact us at (780) 455-5651 or

Our two 32's pumping the latest Anthony Henday Bridges

The E.L. Smith water plant being pumped Being Green

     Here at ARCO we really pride ourselves in trying to cause as little environmental impact as possible. The used hydraulic oil from are pumps is put to other applications around our shop and we even have fans that will bring the hot air to the floor so we don't use as much heat. We also open up our bay doors to use the sunlight instead of electricity. ARCO also uses fuel efficient pumps. Take a look at the SCHWING  Fuel Economy Report (article was provided by SCHWING America Inc.) to see how our 32 meter pump did.

Helping Out

ARCO is a dedicated community leader and every year we provide donations to various charities around the Edmonton area

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